New Irish & UK Payroll Service!

On November 10th 2021, Yes Dynamic in association with our local payroll partners, O’Doherty Biz, will launch PayPro365 for the Irish and UK markets. Flexible Payroll built on a global ERP platform PAYPRO365 is a Payroll add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics

How the Internet of Things can help Agribusiness

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about making “dumb” things “smart” by connecting them to each other and to the internet enabling physical objects to be sensed and controlled remotely, creating opportunities for more direct interaction between the physical world

Construction and Project Management Software

Power-up your business with the most sophisticated enterprise project management software solution Automate your Project Centric business with smart enterprise project management software to cement your success through smart government effective across the project life cycle. Enhance work force productivity

Supply Chain Resiliency & Recovery For The New Future

The world faces a unique, complex challenge that is disrupting our lives, businesses, and confidence. But it is the organization that can find their legs within these rough seas that can also emerge stronger. As supply chains struggle with new

Accelerate your Digital Transformation
Accelerate your Digital Transformation

Cloud is the new normal in the fallout from COVID-19 and digital transformation is a top priority on most leading company’s to-do lists. This begs the question: How can you accelerate adoption of the cloud and up your digital game? If

Special Offer to the Microsoft Cloud
Special Offer to the Microsoft Cloud

If you are running an on-premise version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 – be it NAV, GP, AX or CRM – Microsoft is offering an incredible 60% discount to upgrade your business application to the Microsoft cloud where you can take

Agri Business Digital Transformation
Agri Business Digital Transformation

On the 10th December, we heard from Agri Manufacturing & Digital Transformation experts on how Platformation™ steers Profitability & Growth beyond the boundaries of a traditional ERP and CTRM. Bo Rann, CIO of Danish Agro, explained that implementing a platform

The Data of Things

The Data of Things The Internet of Things is all about data – the collection of data from dumb things or from what-were-previously-dumb things. This data makes these dumb things smart. And it is this data that makes the Internet

Reasons to Build on D365

Reasons to Build on D365 As I hope I explained clearly in my previous blog (Reasons to Buy), it is preferable to buy an Industry Add In (that is, to join an industry platform) than to try and build your

Should you Customise D365 or Buy an Add In?

Should you Customise D365 or Buy an Add In? Microsoft is a mass market software vendor. Like Microsoft Office, its business applications are designed to handle standard business processes that apply to most businesses out of the box. This maximises