How do packs work?

Upon receipt of your order, we will send you a Statement of Work which defines the project scope of the pack you have just purchased. Each pack has a fixed scope and therefore a fixed price.

After you have reviewed the Statement of Work, we will contact you to insure this scope meets your requirements and is to your satisfaction. If it is, we will ask you to sign the Statement of Work and we will charge you 50% of the Pack price to schedule resources to begin the implementation. You do not have to pay the remaining 50% until post go live.

If you want to modify the Statement of Work, add some features or functionality that is not specified, we can agree this with you though any changes to the fixed scope will likely change the fixed price.

We have designed these packs to get you onto the Microsoft cloud as quickly as possible.

Process flows and specific modules included in each Pack are clearly defined so it is easy for you to understand what you are buying.

e.g. Below is a Financial Management Process flow.

We also define a Project Schedule in the Statement of Work which maps out all the tasks to be delivered over the implementation and a Responsibility Matrix which clearly defines what tasks you as the Customer are Responsible for, Accountable for, Consulted or Informed.

A good example is the quality of the data you wish to import into the new application. Data has to be your responsibility since you understand your data: who your customers are, what your products or services do and what information you need to transact your business properly. We will provide you with data import templates to structure this data correctly but you will have to cleanse the data to make sure it is accurate. Data is therefore the Customer’s responsibility and you will be responsible for cleansing and testing this data before go live.

We have made every effort to insure our Packs meet the requirements of most businesses, but we encourage all our customers to review the Statement of Work early in the process and to identify any changes that your business requires.

We are happy to amend the Statement of Work so you can be confident the Fixed scope will do what you want it to do.

Going live on the Microsoft cloud is only the first step in an ongoing journey of process improvement. Once you are live, we will schedule follow up review meetings which will help you to get the most out of the business application you have purchased by identifying process improvements. This is our model of continual process innovation because one of the advantages of joining the Microsoft Cloud is that platform upgrades every 6 months so new features and functionality will constantly be available for you to explore, utilize and benefit from.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365

For more than 40 years, Microsoft has been the number one choice for business applications. With Dynamics 365, Microsoft is leveraging the power of its existing and familiar business applications – Office 365 (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote, etc,) and extending these applications into the back office (financial management and operations) and front office (customer relationship management)

This gives you:

One version of the truth data – Microsoft’s single integrated architecture allows you to have customer, one item, one vendor shared across the full suite of business applications through Microsoft’s common data model. This design improves business intelligence enabling the easy extraction of data-you-can-be-sure-of for analysis and ad hoc slicing and dicing and eliminates issues with data duplication.

A Future Proof Platform – Dynamics 365 is a Software as a Service business suite that is always built on the latest technology for a mobile first, cloud first market. Microsoft is investing over $9 billion a year to providing best in class communication, collaboration and productivity tools for Dynamics ERP & CRM.

Access & Familiarity – Dynamics 365 looks and feels like Microsoft Office, uses the same design principles, same shortcuts. This means it takes less training and less time to implement solutions built to be accessed in the office or on the go.

  • Seamless Office365 integration
  • Accessible on any Web client (any browser)
  • Any Smartphone client (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Any Tablet client (iPad, Android, Surface)
  • SharePoint client (forms to extract or input data direct)
  • Windows client (full rich graphical user interface)

What is the benefit of Microsoft Cloud?

The Microsoft cloud gives customers fully integrated business applications. Microsoft has designed a suite of applications tailored to specific functions. Deploying them on the cloud means that you do not need any servers, hosting networks or IT infrastructure. This saves you money not just for the hardware but for the management of this infrastructure.

And Microsoft’s data centres will improve your performance (with 99.9% uptime). All you need is a device – a smartphone, a tablet, a PC. It doesn’t matter if it’s Apple or Android because the Microsoft cloud apps are run like web pages and render on all internet enabled devices.

In addition, Microsoft’s data centres have far stronger security than most companies can afford to implement. This security which includes two factor authentications is all included in the per user per month price.  You can find more information on Microsoft’s Trust Center. This covers all Microsoft products and services, so your answers will be in the Dynamics 365 section or, in the Azure section if you’re looking for hosting answers.

With the Microsoft cloud, you can pay monthly or annually and you can increase or decrease the user numbers on a monthly basis. The best benefit of the Microsoft cloud is that you will always be on the latest version of the software. You will never have to upgrade again though the platform itself gains new features and functionality every 6 months. These new features will allow you to do new things because the integration between Microsoft Business Applications and Microsoft 365 is only beginning. The interaction between Excel, Word, Teams, SharePoint and the Power Platform are improving rapidly and by being on the Microsoft cloud you can avail of these improvements automatically.

Why is Data Optimization so important?

The way we work is changing. It used to be that a person had a job to do. The person would start their job and that work activity would be the first step in a business process.

Increasingly data is the trigger. Data – which can be received from so many inanimate objects – from your products, from a delivery note, a credit notes, a bank file, a temperature sensor on a machine on your factory floor, etc. – all this data is now the first step in a business process.

This is why business applications are evolving, are placing data at the heart of how a business functions and performs.

Data should inform how we engage with our customers to improve customer satisfaction, how we optimise operations for greater efficiency and productivity, how we can adapt and evolve our products and services to meet new customer requirements or market imperatives and how we can help our staff to do their jobs better and more effectively.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence mean that data that had no value before can be mined for intelligence.

This is why the Yes Dynamic places data optimisation at the heart of what we do. We want our customers to be the best businesses that they can be and we believe that if we can help our customers to optimise their consumption and use of data they will outperform their competition.

What is the difference between full user and a team user?

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications, there are Full Users and Team Users.

Full users can access and edit everything within each application but are more expensive.

Since not very many people in a company usually need full access, Microsoft offer customers a Team User licence to perform basic functions.

For customer facing applications, team users are licenced to do the following:


For back office applications, Team users are licencing to perform the following taskes.

Does Microsoft offer discounts for Non-profit and Educational use?

Yes! Microsoft offers significant discounts for Not For Proft and educational usage. If you are eligible for these discounts, it’s likely you’ll have already been through the Microsoft registration process for discounts on your Office 365 licenses. Please just ask for the discounted license prices when you get in touch.

Can i get a free trial?

Yes! Please just contact us and we will set you up with a free trial.