One of the main logistics operators in Brazil, TPC Logística Inteligente (TPC) gained agility and asserted its presence in commercial relations through the implementation of Microsoft tools. Combined with a change in internal processes, TPC used Microsoft’s solution to significantly increase customer conversion.

TPC provides services for full commerce, storage, transport, and distribution of goods in 24 states of Brazil. It makes approximately 3 million deliveries a year, through operations that manage more than 4,700 employees and 850,000 square meters of storage. A leader in logistics operations within Brazil, the company was elected the Best Logistics Operator in the country in 2019 in a survey promoted by Brazilian Association of Logistics Operators (ABOL).


“We have gained speed, process quality, and strategic management.”

One of TPC’s main needs was the implementation of a robust customer relationship management (CRM) tool that could support the new strategies developed internally. At that time, TPC did not have a dedicated marketing system or software to cover contacts with its customers. However, after a detailed analysis of the main solutions on the market, TPC opted to implement the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing and Sales modules.

Results came quickly when the company implemented Dynamics 365 Sales Pro. TPC was able to instantly start tracking mail and phone and qualify its customers. This breakthrough enabled TPC to improve customer relationships and increased the company’s visibility in its market.

“We have been partners with Microsoft for a long time, and our entire back office is already structured based on the Microsoft 365 platform,” says Silas Faria, Innovation Manager at TPC. The adoption was completed in less than two months.

The new system provides TPC professionals with an integral view of the stages where different customers are in the sales funnel, guaranteeing more assertive negotiations and better service after the sale. The innovation triggered a significant increase in the company’s conversion rate. For example, there were 16 new highly complex projects in 2020, compared to only two in the previous year. “Good process, technology, and good people. This is the combination that led us to this result,” says Eduardo Leonel, Commercial and Marketing Director at TPC.

Implementing Dynamics 365 has helped TPC create opportunities for integration with other Microsoft solutions. For example, with Microsoft Power BI, all the data generated by TPC feeds into the tool’s dashboards, and those insights support decision making by the company boards. Since business managers are no longer responsible for creating reports, now they can use their time to engage in customer relationships.

Microsoft Power Apps is another tool widely used across the company. The solution creates an application that combines business data with information on the availability of space for storing goods in the company’s distribution centers. “Thus, we are able to have a view of current and future availability, which is something that is not in the system, as it depends on the planning of each local manager,” explains Leonel.

For TPC Group, Dynamics 365 has provided agility and increased assertiveness to the company’s businesses, in addition to a key component—improved customer service. “We have gained speed, process quality, and strategic management,” concludes Leonel.