Power-up your business with the most sophisticated enterprise project management software solution

Automate your Project Centric business with smart enterprise project management software to cement your success through smart government effective across the project life cycle. Enhance work force productivity to assure project profitability. Manage your projects with greater business insight driven by data and smart enterprise workflows. Overcome challenges which arise from the dynamic business conditions and complex nature of the project business.

BC BUILD for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is:

designed to help automate your unique business processes and accelerate your organization’s success. This guide will take you through how each of the product modules available within BC BUILD can help propel your business forward—the components are grouped by the Industry requirements they address to help you see the impact on your business.

  • Job costing – This is the most crucial aspect of the whole business and a determining start for success of any project. BC Build automates the quantity take off and blends it with the rate analysis library build for every job to produce the job costing more accurately and faster. Thus tendering with mark ups for profits are drawn more precisely and agilely. No more missing tender deadlines!
  • Work Schedules – Post winning the contracts, preparing the work break down structure and matching it up with the project schedule with dual write possibility is one unique value proposition which BC Build offers as standard. Change monetization and management is not complicated anymore. Any execution activity is compared and sequenced with the work scheduled to track project progress.
  • Job Demand Planning – Ease the procurement process of identifying and consolidating requirements and outlines (how, what and when) the right materials, resources and services that are required to execute the Project. Unlike other industries, material and jobs demand planning in the Engineering & Construction Industry is quite complex and requires complete collaborative planning  with projects teams as the items that need to be procured are long and detailed, and often amended at sites. Not properly managing this list can mean higher inventory costs and a longer project duration.
  • Procurement – Once the sequence of a job with its cost is defined through the project budget and schedule in BC Build every action from there is tagged without compromise. From the construction site to the purchase department you can rely on unified information drawn from BC Build which brings absolute clarity through the supply chain as should be demanded by your execution process.
  • Subcontracting– It’s an integral part of the construction business to outsource work for various reasons so it becomes essential to evaluate the Subcontractors in all dimensions to establish transparency in selection and governance. BC Build brings functionalities which enable users to manage external work orders effective with the needed quality.
  • Site Management – Planning activities at the site level is completely different from that of the project management office. BC Build understands the difference allowing site engineers to create daily plans with detailed check lists to move the job tasks in the sequence which suits the ground conditions. Indenting, receiving and recording consumption of materials and services in line with budget complexities and simplified with BC Build Site Smartphone App.
  • Change Order Management – NAVBUILD enable you to manage change proactively by capturing and organizing change information that affects the overall project schedule and cost. It allows you to capture each change, from the estimate phase to final approval, for both budgeted and committed costs.
  • Project Accounting – Integrated with finance, BC Build updates project entries and compares them instantly budgeted versus actuals. Its intelligence in building costs to complete scenarios at every stage of the project makes BC Build’s project accounting functionality very powerful. Cash forecast and consumption is based on revenue recognition.
  • Document Management – In the Project business, the need for robust, secure and accessible document management is crucial. The collaboration and workflow needed to fulfil a task related to documents is standard as part of BC Build leveraging the features of SharePoint.
  • Asset Management – Investing in capital intensive assets demands proper maintenance to yield the desired results. Creating maintenance schedules that are visible while planning ensures the recording of all the movement of assets and their availability status for planning.
  • Business Intelligence and analytics – BC Build provides inbuilt Reports and Dashboards to give you insights into your data right from the Project estimation, Win/Loss Analysis, Budgets Vs Actuals, Earned Value, ETC, Project Cash flow, WIP and Industry ready KPIs. Project Health Metrics ensure you make the right informed decisions real time.
  • Service Management – Post sales servicing is a revenue stream which needs to be managed effectively as per the contract terms. The BC Build service management module enables services contracts with multiple options combined with an app to manage your field engineers and a live dashboard to track the service order status per customer.
  • Field Service – The BC Build Smartphone App is designed especially for HVAC contractors to streamline the Services business and process real-time visibility into the status of a project. Field Service Engineers gain real time access to work orders, service calls, spare parts and complete the work for your Preventive Maintenance contracts. With Geo code tracking, Project managers can maintain service level agreements and offer your customers fast, on-time service and turnaround from calls to completion.
  • Property Management – BC Build has a comprehensive property management solution to manage your commercial, residential and leasing operations. BC Build helps you to manage self-owned or 3rd Party owned lease contracts, manage tenants, consumption, work orders and resources, accurately track variable charges, provision for auto-generation of periodical invoices, revenue recognition, post-dated cheques (PDC) and reporting.
  • Engineer to Order Manufacturing – BC Build offers extensive features to connect Engineering, Production and Projects in a single ERP Platform for engineer-to-order (ETO) manufacturers.  It helps you to manage flexible BoMs for your BoQs and dynamic routings to handle custom manufacturing workflows, waste handling, warehouse processes, capacity planning, item tracking and the QC process to streamline your manufacturing and assembly orders for Joinery (Furniture, Aluminium, Steel, PVC, Glass, etc.), industrial automation, solar panels, pre fab/PEB and engineer to order Manufacturing Projects.
  • Payroll – Payroll is one of the most difficult administrative challenges including compliances for Engineering & Construction contractors. PayPro 365 helps to streamline and manage your Payroll Process in a single system Efficiently. BC Build and PayPro 365 unify and automate Construction payroll with financials for more efficiency and control drastically reducing the overhead required to manage and improve your payroll and labour cost control processes from the project site and contractors’ employees attendance capturing to analytics and reporting
  • Customer Management – Capture the land details and manage the end-to-end sales cycle process for real estate developers including pre and post-sales of your property managing the inventory, invoices, cancellations, etc. Further,  you can boost your relationship with your customer by offering self-service portals which allow access to their floor plans, property images, project status, contract documentation, payment milestones, invoices and financial statements.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the next generation of intelligent business applications in the cloud. BC Build is a vertical add in for companies working in the Construction and Project Management industry