Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division provides software for smart and safe cities, improving the performance, efficiency, and resilience of vital services. Society relies on government and commercial organizations for public safety, transportation, utilities, and more. Organizations need timely, accurate information to plan and deliver these vital services, but shrinking budgets, new citizen and customer demands, the changing technology landscape, and other pressures disrupt the status quo. 


“Developing reports that utilize public safety data gives us a true real time picture of so we can improve our service offerings.”

HxGN OnCall Analytics takes raw, fragmented, incomplete, or incorrect data and transforms and organizes it into subject area–focused data models. The models are then used to create easy-to-digest reports and dashboards, helping agencies better assess performance, allocate resources, and improve operations. By creating a single source of truth to explore, analyze, and share, HxGN OnCall Analytics empowers users agencywide to solve complex business problems and drive smarter decision making. 

HxGN OnCall Analytics is more than just a set of scanned reports built from raw data. It organizes and converts raw data produced by HxGN OnCall Dispatch and HxGN OnCall Records into a data warehouse that also supports an open integration pipeline for other important data from third-party sources, social media, sensors, and community demographics. This data can then be effectively combined, organized, and visually represented to produce life-saving results. 

With HxGN OnCall Analytics, public safety organizations of any size can quickly solve complex business challenges while gaining valuable data insights that help keep communities safer and more resilient. The solution also allows users to leverage the capabilities of Microsoft business intelligence software for data modeling and the data warehouse, and Power BI for visual report and dashboard creation. 

SQL Server Analysis Services and Power BI serve as the front-end touch point to users, offering more than 30 different subject area–focused data models for self-serve BI and reporting, along with out-of-the-box reports, dashboard, and templates in Power BI. After building a report, users can quickly publish them using Power BI Report Server, enabling easy access by other users in the organization.

On-the-go users can access content (published reports and dashboards) using the Power BI mobile app, which quickly provides the data they need to make better decisions, directly from their mobile devices. They can view and interact with live reports and dashboards and see where their resources are and how they’re being distributed. The app supports mobile formatting of content, making it easy to view reports and see information at a glance from anywhere.

Leveraging Power BI, HxGN OnCall Analytics helps visualize the answers to response-related questions, so agencies can make the most informed and accurate decisions in a timely manner. 

Understanding resource coverage efficiency is another important metric an agency must track. Nearly all deployed agency units are GPS-enabled and send a GPS ping back to the dispatch system every five seconds, providing both a location and status update. HxGN OnCall Analytics transforms and organizes this data to provide quick answers around resource coverage, including how efficiently resources are being deployed, where they are needed, and where events are occurring. 

In situations where active resource distribution commonly occurs, it’s important to monitor the results to ensure resources are being utilized effectively. With HxGN OnCall Analytics, users can run out-of-the-box resource utilization reports and learn what deployed employees are doing, how well resources are being utilized, and how they can be further optimized. Agencies can leverage these resource utilization reports to make sound decisions about potential changes to resources and employees.