Adelaide, Australia–based ECH Inc.–Enabling Confidence at Home provides aged-care services, and the company strives to attract and retain top talent to deliver those services. It’s a demanding job, and ECH has deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources to attract and onboard skilled candidates and set them up for success. ECH now has a single source for human resources data and can easily track employee accomplishments, help ensure proper certification, and give its clients the best possible level of care.


“With Dynamics 365 Human Resources, we’re tracking employee achievements better, helping ensure regulatory compliance, and streamlining processes that have been manual for a very long time. “

Making life simple for ECH’s 15,000 clients—who may live in their own homes or in an ECH retirement village—is a complicated task and attracting and maintaining staff can be a challenge. “Home-based care can be a high-stress job with a lot of turnover,” says Hannah Murphy, Chief Financial Officer at ECH Inc. “ECH is competing with other aged-care providers for a limited labor pool, so we need technology and processes in place that help us stand out from our competitors and support staff in their daily tasks.”

In the past, ECH had a variety of systems in place for tracking business performance. Those systems were good at tasks like generating regulatory compliance reports, but there were drawbacks as well.

“We looked at our HR systems and saw the opportunity to completely refresh the way we approach employee data,” says Steve Holden, Human Resources Manager at ECH Inc. “We’d been using fields within the payroll system, coupled with numerous spreadsheets, to hold and track employee information, but that ad-hoc method just didn’t give us the insights we were looking for.”

In the spring of 2018, ECH deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365, initially using the customer relationship management functionality to streamline onboarding of new clients. Later in the year, ECH expanded its investment to include Dynamics 365 Human Resources, which helps organizations attract and onboard skilled candidates and set them up for success.

“We can use Dynamics 365 Human Resources to develop a single source of human resource management data that will drive a lot of our other initiatives and applications,” says Holden. “It’s an incredibly powerful tool that covers the entire employee lifecycle. We’ve gained 200 staff members in the past 18 months, and we anticipate that growth to continue. Dynamics 365 Human Resources gives us the features and scalability we need to make that seamless.”