Manufacturers of all sizes rely on Mazak’s products and services to improve productivity and increase profitability. To maximize customer support, the company sought a way to make its service delivery more efficient. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, Mazak now offers customers faster service response times and greater visibility into open work orders. Plus, it’s improved the efficiency of its invoicing and reduced administration work.

Mazak makes advanced machine tools and automation systems for companies in a range of cutting-edge industries, from aerospace to health care. Because its products are long-term investments for customers, Mazak’s service delivery is essential.


With Dynamics 365 Field Service, all our information is in one spot. We can pull up information about any service request within seconds.” 

Mazak machines are often critical for its customers’ businesses, and any downtime can mean the customer is losing money. So, the company’s service delivery speed is crucial to its customers’ success.

Previously, Mazak operated on a highly customized, on-premises legacy field service system. Field service agents had to fill out paper reports, which were sent by postal mail to a team member who would manually input data into the system. This didn’t just slow down the service request process; it prevented invoices from processing for as long as 20 weeks after jobs took place.

Mazak wanted to find a field service system that could help it offer customers fast service delivery and greater visibility into open service orders while improving the efficiency of its internal processes.

After successfully implementing Field Service in just five months, Mazak began to notice a big impact on its operations. The manufacturer still processes more than 2,400 work orders per month, but it no longer needs to spend time transferring information from paper to its system. Now, field service engineers input the information directly into Field Service, saving more than 30 hours each week.

The new system has significantly accelerated Mazak’s response time to service requests and created a more transparent and effortless experience for customers.

“Our customers now have all the information they need at their fingertips. We couldn’t offer that before Dynamics 365 Field Service.” 

With a more efficient service delivery process, Mazak has also improved the speed of its invoicing, shortening the processing time from as long as five months to under 10 days. That’s dramatically improving the company’s cash flow while reducing the risk of billing disputes with customers.

The success of Field Service across its service delivery operations has encouraged Mazak to start implementing Dynamics 365 Finance, and it plans to adopt Dynamics 365 Sales in the future. And as Mazak continues to expand the use of Dynamics 365 across the company, it also intends to start using new capabilities such as IoT and mixed reality.

“What I love about Dynamics 365 Field Service is there is a wide range of ‘out of the box’ features that will be ready to go when other areas of the company come online.”