Spanish fashion brand Venca has evolved with changing customer needs, transitioning its mail-order catalog business to thriving e-commerce sales. Venca wanted to continue digitizing its customer relationship management processes and connect its sales data to its marketing efforts. The retailer launched a customer engagement platform that combines Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service with the analytics capabilities in Power BI. Venca personalized customer engagements, enhanced its analytics, and increased its average order value by 20 percent.


To deploy intelligent, cloud-based customer service capabilities, add marketing functionalities, and optimize its online sales experience, Venca built a cloud-based platform to offer its products and customer services remotely during the COVID-19 crisis. Venca marketers, analysts, call center staff, and business leaders were able to connect to the platform from their homes while they sheltered with their families, and the company continued to operate its online business and serve its e-commerce customers.

“Dynamics 365 and our cloud-based tools have been key to our ability to operate safely from home and continue our work. Two years ago, we couldn’t have kept delivering these services to our customers, but now we’re prepared.”

With its customer service and marketing efforts fully digitized, Venca staff spend less time finding information they need and more time serving customers and resolving concerns. In the contact center, Venca has seen a 10 percent increase in productivity because the customer-care process is more efficient. “With Dynamics 365, we’ve increased quick, personalized contact with our customers due to the omnichannel view combined with several AI features, which help the sales agents offer custom upsell and cross-sell options for end customers,” says Jorge Badia, CIO. “That’s helped us build a better customer lifecycle experience, which translates to more business.”

Venca can respond not only to individual customers, but to its larger customer base as the market goes through major changes. The company can pivot its products based on customer needs and feedback because of near real-time Power BI data consolidation and the AI features that show proper product recommendation. As a result, Venca makes better recommendations to its customers, such as during the COVID-19 crisis. As more people stayed home in Spain and around the world, Venca was able to respond quickly to meet changing customer preferences—fashion items became secondary as customers began ordering more essentials, such as socks and pajamas, home furnishing items, dishes, and small kitchen appliances.